Can you teach me how to play chess?

Certainly. Most nights there are members available at the club to help you learn the game and improve your play.

Are there any age limits for members?

No, though we would ask that parents of younger members accompany their children at the club.

Can I play for one of your teams?

Of course you can! We have 4 teams that play in the Gwent 4-Board League so there are plenty of spots available. However, be aware that you’ll likely be coming up against experienced players and, since losing regularly can be disheartening, so you might want to avoid rushing into match chess too soon.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

Yes. Anyone who plays in any events has to be registered with the Gwent Chess Association and the Welsh Chess Union, so we charge for that. We also charge a little extra to keep club funds topped up so we can buy new pieces, boards, clcoks etc when needed. We currently ask members to pay £30 a year.